General Rules + Regs

  1. The Stutsman County Fair management reserves to its Board the final and absolute right to interpret these Rules and Regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard hereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with or incident to the Fair.
  2. Exhibitors need not be residents of Stutsman County.
  3. Removal of exhibits will not be allowed before the close of the fair except on written permission from the officials in charge.
  4. The Board reserves the right to reject any entries offered, particularly such as require an unreasonable amount of space or are difficult to display.
  5. The Fair management will take every precaution within its power for the preservation and protection of stock and articles on exhibition after their arrival and arrangement on the grounds, but will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage by fire or otherwise that may occur. Exhibitors are required to give their attention to their exhibits, and at the close of the Fair to attend promptly to their removal.
  6. Each concessionaire shall cause to be posted in a conspicuous manner, at the front of the entrance to the place of business, a sign showing the price to be charged for meals, lunches, soft drinks, as well as concession number.
  7. The Board reserves the right to formulate and announce new rules to meet emergencies to adjudicate all matters arising from the Fair after it is held.
  8. The Board reserves the right to direct and regulate the parking of all automobiles or other vehicles or conveyances within the fair grounds and to direct where they shall be driven therein. It may prohibit the running of automobiles in any section of the grounds, wherever in its opinion common safety demands it.
  9. The Fair management reserves the right to exclude from the fair grounds any person or persons whom it shall deem undesirable, or who shall violate any of the rules laid down by the management or who shall otherwise become offensive.
  10. No person shall act as judge in any lot or capacity, in which he or she is an exhibitor.
  11. The gates will be open from 8am each day and at that time, every officer and superintendent is requested to be at his place.