Announcement of Rides at the Fair

Here is the list below of rides Crabtree Amusements are bringing to the Fair. They included information on each ride and who it is applicable to, as well as some regulation information.

Downdraft – Extreme

Bear Affair – Family

Genesis – Family

Ring Of Fire – Extreme

Charlie Chopper – Child

Scorcher – Family

Disco Fever – Family

Super Shot – Extreme

Happy Swing – Child

Surf Shack – Family

Motorcycle – Child

Swing It – Family

Quad Runner – Child

Tilt – Family

Speedway – Child

Tornado – Family

Wacky Worm – Family

Zero Gravity – Family

Ferris Wheel – Family

Minimum height is 36 inches for most child rides.  

Wristbands may not be a good value for children under 42 inches

Some rides do not allow sandals or open shoes

Hope this helps.

Crabtree Amusements, Inc


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